Your Company has any problem with HR issue ?

icon Looking for "Quality workers" ?
icon Need to get "Work Permit (DP 10)" for foreign expatriate ?
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icon Having difficulty with Government Agency (MIDA/MITI/KDN/CIDB) ?

Cekap Ace Technologies (CAT) will solve the various Human Resource issue professionally.

CAT is specialized in diversified services related to Immigration such as Out-Sourcing Management of Manpower, Working Permit for foreign expatriate, Executive Search and consultation of Government Agencies (MIDA / MITI / CIDB and so on) in Malaysia.

Our Service

Out-Sourcing of ManpowerOut-Sourcing of Manpower
CAT supply Out-Sourcing of Foreign workers to various industries such as manufacturing, hotel, cleaning, construction, and hypermarket. We have government licence from Ministry of Home Affairs.



Work Permit (DP10) for foreign Expatriate Work Permit (DP10) for foreign expatriate
CAT has vast experience in consultation such as Work Permit (DP10), Training Visa, Student Visa, MM2H and other visa process over 15 years. Majour clients are Multinational company of Malaysia, Japanese, Europe, and USA.



Executive Search Executive Search
CAT search Expatriates of Malaysian and other nationalities and supply to the various countries such as India, Cambodia, Vietnam, MIddle East, Australia, and New Zealand.



CAT solve immigration related issues such as MIDA / MITI / KDN / CIDB affairs. CAT always keep in touch with relevant authority to update latest information and reflect it on consultation professionally.